The Naos of the Decades is dedicated to the god Shu. It is a monument unique as to its collection of original texts and the decoration of its outside walls which contains a frame for each of the decades of the Egyptian year. Each of these frames displays five vignettes which accompany a short comment which was qualified as “astrological”, and is different for each decade. These notes call a “great god” for action to destroy enemy populations, and they seem more of a mythological than an astrological nature. The collection of these texts could constitute one of the “Books of Shu” which that god entrusted to Sekhmet, establishing a list of those that the goddess and her troop of decans is to eliminate. The position of the monument in Egyptian astrology is arguable: while the comment concerns entire populations, the vignettes and their legends deal with individual destiny and seem to link result of divine judgement and thus the future of the ka to the position of the stars in the sky. In this context, the monument could reflect or precede the astrological systems that foretell the future from the changing position of the planets, the sun and the decans according to the hours.