This article focuses on a hard limestone door jamb in the name of Senusret I reused for the second stela of Kamose uncovered in 1954 at Karnak. A new examination of the stela in the Luxor Museum and a glass photographs in the archives of CFEETK (SCA/USR 3172 Cnrs) dating from 1956 which shows the stela in a better state of preservation have eliminated some of the reported difficulties and allows us to propose a new identification of the deities represented on the door jamb. The god Amun and a goddess (who can be identify to Mut or Nekhbet) suckling Senusret I are represented on the first register and the goddess Bastet giving life to the king on the second register. A review of the elements able to specify the original location of the door jamb and the sequence of events that led to its reuse by Kamose concludes this study.