The Semna stela of the Eighteenth Dynasty Viceroy of Nubia, Usersatet, records Amenhotep II’s advice to his viceroy in the form of a monumental copy of the king’s personal transcription of his own royal decree to Usersatet. The decree was issued during a festival celebrating the royal accession on a secondary date, apparently in order to link the king’s accession to the k?-?r-k? festival, just as Ramesses III later would celebrate both his actual accession and a festival of royal accession associated with the Nehebkau festival. Amenhotep II offers advice to Usersatet regarding interactions of Egyptians and Nubians within the viceregal administration, and shed some light on the interactions of king, viceroy, and Nubian members of the Egyptian bureaucracy in the south. The seemingly obscure and poetic nature of the king’s advice, and the lack of clarity regarding the situation about which Amenhotep II offers his advice, have led to considerable modern attention to the text, but a certain looseness of interpretation has plagued many examinations of the inscription. A new collation of the stela, and an examination of the text, reveal that Amenhotep II was apparently addressing the viceroy’s increasing integration of Nubians into the higher levels of the southern administration. Amenhotep II quotes an apparently proverbial saying that refers to a devolution of earlier viceregal authority into greater divisions of bureaucracy, and the creation of a Nubian counterpart to the viceroy, the latter remaining nevertheless the primus inter pares of the administration.